Photos of many of the butterflies and moths of Georgia - compiled by Dr. James Adams
Photos of over 320 of the more than 2000 species of moth that occur in the area of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Home of NY Moth of the Week with NY and NJ field notes on butterflies, and great photos - by Steve Walter
N. Prairie Wildlife Research Ctr's clearing house of info on NA moths - range maps, photos, species accounts and checklists
It is what it says it is - a good place to start
If you are looking for more e-information on the night sippers, visit one of the sites below.  The sites will open in a new window...
Cindy Mead is having a ball taking pictures of moths, butterflies, birds - a fun site
Silk Moth photos from around the world
Gerald M. Fauske has very good breakdowns of moths by families -  a good place to get familiar with the differences
A very good collection of Underwing slides from North America - mostly in the northeast, but other areas covered as well
A small handful of nice moth photos
A thorough covering of the Underwing moths of North America with lots of photos, life histories, etc.
Hold cursor over name for a description of the site
Larry Line's site with lots of pictures of micro moths - a good stop
WOW!  Beeeautiful photos by Jeremy B. Tatum !  A descriptive guide to the moths & butterflies of Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
Info on attracting moths, life cycles, etc.
The photo on the opening page is worth the stop - nice collection of moth photos, too
This could very well be your first stop to find out what moth you've just seen!
Nice shots and info on Tennesssee leps.
WOW!  An excellent site!  You get to see pictures of them side by side and can zoom in for a closer look.  This may be my new first stop.
This is a nice stop to visit some kindred spirits across the pond - Hey!  Why can't we have a National Moth Night in the US like they do?
An online resource devoted to North American insects, spiders and their kin, offering identification, images, and information.  (That's what the site says - I say "WOW!  Great Resource!")
Moth sites by region