Polyphemus Moth
Antheraea polyphemus
June 7, 2002

It's always an occasion when
a polyphemus arrives.  This silk moth
is probably the second largest
moth in CT, right behind the 
Cecropia Moth (which is the largest in North America).  

Being a saturniid, it does not feed
as an adult.  Judging from the thin antennae, this newly emerged moth is a female.  I expect she'll be calling calling in the males once the sun goes down.
Polyphemus Moth cocoon
March 14, 2004

I found this cocoon on the Killingworth Land Trust's Bargate Trail property.  While I see the adult moths regularly in my area, I've only come across the cocoons a handful of times.

Polyphemus larva (transferred from a slide)