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False/Crocus Geometer
Xanthotype urticaria/sospeta
June 18, 2015

What the...? I can't believe I've never added this one to the site. They're fairly common and I always just assumed it made it here over in the last dozen or so years. But nope...

Anyway, this a butterfly-y kind of a moth, often confused by people as the former. Always check the antennae! There is an actual, bonafide, non-false, Crocus Geometer, but it generally lacks the heavy brown markings this one shows. Apparently, though, those morphological differences aren't enough to distinguish between to two species.  
Scudder's Epiblema (AKA Goldenrod Gall Moth)
Epiblema scudderiana
July 25, 2015

A new Tortricidae for the site, this one in the subfamily Olethreutinae. It looks kind of bird dropping-y, in fact, when I first saw it, I thought it was a little turd (sorry moth...).

The larvae feed on goldenrod, creating galls in the stem.

A nice NATIONAL MOTH WEEK addition!
Yes! New sphinxes are hard to come by. There aren't as many of them compared to the geometrids, noctuids, and other smaller moths.

​I wonder if this was the same hawk moth that zipped by me at dusk (when these are active). 

H. gallii are found all over the world. This one was very fresh, so it's possible it grew up here. Glad they found my yard!
Gallium Sphinx 
(AKA Bedstraw Hawk Moth)
Hyles gallii
September 18, 2015