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Snowy-shouldered Acleris
Acleris nivisellana
April 22, 2015

A new tortricid for the yard - this would be number 12. "Nivis" is Latin for snow - hence the common name. While "snow" is a more aesthetic description of the white in the moth, I'd wager the coloration and patterning actually serve to mimic a bird dropping, a passive defense employed by many adult moths and larvae. A bird doing a quick scan for eats could mistake this for something one of them already ate - and disposed of - and move on.

 "Poop-shouldered Acleris", though, probably isn't as catchy. Or is it? 

The caterpillars, called Apple Leaf Twisters feed on a variety of plants in the rose family. They eat the leaves between the veins, skeletonizing them. 
May 9, 2015

Updated Lunate Zale (Zale lunata) photo from its first inclusion to the site in 2002.

It's here.